Apple Security Vs the FBI:

Apple has been taking on the FBI head on with relation to the number of securities that we are forced to give up as a result of preserving collective freedom. The recent controversy that Apple has fallen under fire for, was the surrendering of privacy rights for an iPhone that was utilized by one of the two terrorists in the San Bernardino attack.
Apple is refusing to provide support to the FBI to unlock the iPhone device which could contain evidence of the planned attack. While the iPhone would be very easy for Apple to unlock they have started an ongoing debate and legal battle against the FBI to not assist with the unlocking of the iPhone device.

The reason that Apple has suggested that they will not provide assistance is on the grounds of USA property laws. The US Department of Justice has asked Apple for help on 12 other occasions and each of these times they have refused. As a result of this direct refusal Apple has been asked to forego privacy rights of their customers in order to assist with legal investigations. They are taking this as a personal fight and due to the severity of the case if Apple is forced to assist they could be required by law to assist in unlocking phones in the other 12 preceding cases as well as future criminal investigations.

Professionals from across the industry including Bill Gates and spoken up about this case and the need to have clear database security laws in place for the future. While security and freedoms are generally being taken away for the purpose of criminal investigations they could eventually fall down a slippery slope to lead to a lot of lost privacy in order to keep us all “safe”.

Dotnet Webdesign can help with a variety of privacy apps as well as database security to prevent your data from being easily accessed. Should this case fall on the side of Apple maintaining privacy rights, having access to systems from Dotnet Webdesign could allow your company data and your customer data to remain secure even in the event of a legal requirement. You can present only the evidence that pertains to the case rather than having to give a government organization or law enforcement agency access to your full website/data list.

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