“It’s all about the music”

A self-taught drummer since the age of nine, John Reilly’s musical curiosity arose from the influence of his father who played steel guitar in a Hawaiian band. John’s love of music led him to a long career in the audio industry.

He has had successful stints in retail and was a partner in a major Australian audio distributor which represented a number of global brands some of which included Bose, Acoustic Research, McIntosh, Velodyne and many more.

John started Axis Loudspeakers and evolved the product range to include several high quality stereo models and a number of speakers and subwoofers designed for home theatre applications. He is extremely proud of the fact that all models offered by Axis at the time were recipients of Awards for excellence.

  • John and Brad were both musos who knew everything about music and audio, but not much about online trading and business. We were extremely under the pump on this one as they has a major expo in Chicago coming up in under a week and they had absolutely no website.
  • There were 3 things that made this project challenging. The time factor, client knowledge and the level of design that they wanted.
  • At Dotnet Webdesign, we showed them 5 designs and we took them through every level of the project from choosing one of the 5, along with what feature set will work best, through to testing and the finished product.

You can find them at www.axisvoicebox.com

Below we have the percentage score set out by Brad Serhan regarding our performance in 6 key areas.

Axis Voice Box
90%Overall Score

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