Your web designs may be beautiful, but are they popular?
All too often, designers are guilty of designing beautiful websites without consistently monitoring their performance. Of course it would be easier to just design a site and let it be, but monitoring your sites and improving problem areas are key if you want to attract and maintain visitors (which is kind of the whole point of your website…right?).

Analytics are vital to understanding your audience and your website’s performance. And Google Analytics is a great provider. We work closely with GOOGLE to develop ranking on your site.

01. Pick the right statistics
Looking at the right metrics will go a long way in examining web design and understanding customer behaviour in regards to your site. If you’re not looking at the right metrics, it doesn’t matter if you have analytics set up, because you aren’t getting the right information.

Bounce Rate: The ultimate indicator of first impressions, a high bounce rate means that the design is failing to engage your visitors.
Content Overview : – Top Pages: This report shows you the content your visitors are most interested in. What pages are performing the best?
Landing pages : Watching user behavior is important on landing pages, because the whole point of a landing page is to get users to take action or venture deeper into your site
Visits: What days does your site have the highest traffic? Publish articles, events and announce promotions on those days to capture the most attention

02. Analyse visitor engagement
There’s no one metric that will tell you the visitor engagement of your site – it’s something you have to analyze over time. While it takes a little legwork to discover, knowing how engaged your visitors are overall can tell you the general health of your web design.
Average time on site, overall you want old and new visitors alike to spend at least four minutes on your site. If your visitors are quickly leaving your site, you need to assess your navigational system and content.
Average pages per visit: Again, you want visitors to venture deeper into your site . And Conversion rate. What do they finally transact with you.

03. Monitor site speed
How quickly your page loads has major repercussions for your design, especially since 75% of users will not return to a website if it does not load within four seconds. Research has found that simply speeding up your site can result in a 7% to 15% increase in conversions.

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