Design is all about pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity to better solve problems. At its core, design is about people. That why we design our APPs and our sites along some core principles.

1. Design for Emotional Connections
Effective designers recognize this, and design specifically to create this emotional connection, whether through aesthetics, gifts, discoverables, and feedback conversation (which we’ll discuss below). Because perception is reality in user experience design,

2. Proactively Work with Developers
Whether you’d like to admit it or not, you both share the ultimate goal of creating something that makes user’s lives better. Developers can’t do it without someone to ensure everything is human-friendly, and you certainly won’t get far if your idea never gets built.

3. Focus on the Right Idea, Not the Best One
We hate to burst your bubble, but digital design is not art. It’s artistic, and there’s a a lot of creativity involved, but as long as the greater purpose it serves is business-related, it can never be a pure art form.

4. Treat Interface Feedback as Human Conversation
There’s no one right way to talk to you user. The only thing that really matters is that your tone suits the personality of your product – it is, after all, the product’s voice. Think about whom you’re talking to – would a casual tone put them at ease, or would they prefer more formal language that promotes professionalism?

5. Design the Right Details at the Right Time
Different stages of the design process call for different levels of detail.
Being too concerned with the visual details too soon will distract from the matter at hand. Putting them off too long will either delay the project or force a rushed job. Effective designers can pinpoint the right fidelity, then present them in a way that encourages accurate feedback.

6. Balance the Amount of Choices
Freedom of choice is a bit of a paradox when it comes to UX design.
Users want the freedom to choose multiple options and available actions. At the same time, users want simplicity, a clear path, and as few distractions as possible. But somewhere in between those two, there exists a perfect balance, and effective designers know how to find it.

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