• Interesting internet facts.
  • There are approximately 1,359,872,109 people on the Internet.
  • 78% of U.S. internet users are on Broadband
  • It took the radio 38 years, the television 13 years, and the World Wide Web 4 years to reach 50 million users.
  • 80% of all emails sent are spam
  • Domain names are being registered at a rate of more than one million names every month.
  • 80% of all pictures on the internet are of naked women.
  • In 2010 1 of every 8 married couples in the U.S. met online.
  • 864 million people daily logon to facebook
  • Facebook users are 53% female, 47% male
  • Highest facebook traffic occurs between 1 and 3 pm daily
  • There are more than 300 million photos uploaded daily
  • Approximately 86% of Australians have access to the Internet? 20,075,799 people
  • 33% of Australian Internet users say that they spend less and less time watching television since being connected to the internet.
  • On average, Australians spend $2,616 per year, per person online.
  • Majority of websites are found through the search engines Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  • At last count there were over 300,000 business websites in Australia.
  • On average, 93% of Australian Internet searches are made via Google. That’s around 6 million Google searches a day.
  • 58% of Australians use search engines once a day.
  • 63.9% of Australian Internet users use search engines as the first step in making a buying decision.
  • The top 3 listings on Google account for 60% of click through rates.
  • When finding businesses online 74% of users have read, or do read reviews before purchasing
  • An average of 25% of Internet users leave reviews online
  • Studies have shown that Internet users read up to 4 reviews/blogs online before making a purchase decision.
  • Currently there are over 200 social media platforms worldwide.
  • 65% of Australians use social media.
  • Only 30% of Australian small to medium businesses use social media and 24% of small businesses post only once a week.
  • 20% of all social media users use social media platforms to research products and services, and 25% of social users follow brands – results by Keep it Local and ABS Aust

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