Web and Software specialist :
Web Design for more than 5 years.
Server Coding [java, python, nodejs] more than 10 years
Client Coding[Android /IOS] about 2 years,fast web development using jquery/mongodb
Message Protocol:[Soap/WebService,REST,Meteor DDP] more than 5 years
– Westpac Bank . Retail Banking branch management as well as bonus scheme transition projects. Worked as a technical consultant in technology conversion from legacy to Java platform.
– Developed Joomla/php sites for small businesses.
– “Flow and Focus” Java Programming Promotion for finance, insurance, banks, and other institutions in Australia and Europe.
Likes, Music and Pizza and all you need to know about Kwan is, IS THAT HE’s REALLY GOOD


Graphics and design specialist :
A devotee of visual manipulation. Simon believes ‘The life of a graphic designer is a fight against design ugliness.SOFTWARE EXPERTISE
• Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign • DreamweaverCreative and hardworking professional with 5 years’ dedicated experience in graphic designing industry. Working knowledge of design principles, practices, and methods of digital art, production procedures, printing system, and industry terminologies. Simon is a true find.
Likes: His mother, comic books , art magazines, gaming and architecture.
GOOGLE analytics and SEO :
Jennifer has only been in the industry less than 5 years, but is the most down to earth, dedicated person to her craft. She doesn’t know everything, but doesn’t pretend to know either.
Advertising reports. How well are your advertising dollars working. Campaign management. See which of your marketing campaigns are really paying off.
Cost data reporting. See what paid search and display providers, affiliates, social and even organic traffic are doing.
Remarketing. Find customers who have shown an interest in your products.
SEO. Understand how Google Web Search queries led visitors to your site.
Along with. Audience profiles, Adwords, APP profiles and Mobile sources
Likes. Her puppy Bentley. Shopping, shoes, Noosa and Xbox and loves networking dinners
Marketing and Telemarketing :
After being in the telemarketing game since 1996 Greg decided to join our team and offer cost effective quality telemarketing services to small and medium businesses and charities. The challenge for Greg was that he found that a lot of small and mid sized businesses didnt understand marketing . So he now provides marketing advice across Sydney, as well as designing and implementing successful marketing campaigns tailored to their needs.
Likes: Table tennis, Coffee, and reading Philip K Dick novels…He’s read em all.
Programmer :
Great programmers never accept things “as is”; they need to poke deep inside something, even when it appears to be working fine, to learn more. This is how many problems are solved before they are problems, and it’s usually the quickest way to fix issues. This is the mantra that Pronab brings to the table.
Ruby on rails, Java , C++, Python, PHP, Dotnet
Likes: His girlfriend Mona, Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter and World of Warcraft and Joomla Developers Users group
Meet The Team Systems specialist :
Alfredo provides technical support, training, and direction to departmental staff . He installs, tests, and resolves problems with computer hardware and software; adapts existing software to accommodate the database needs of departments; develops and maintains Intranet and Internet Web site. Basically, Alfredo keeps themplace running and stops us breaking down.
Likes : Going to technology shows. Watching self improvement dvd’s and taking his kids out