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In early 2004, Mark Gason, Project Manager and Adam Baddeley, Site Manager, were sent by their firm to manage a $4mil fitout at the Bankwest Tower in Perth. It was at this time that both Adam and Mark harnessed their combined experience and talent and realised the need for a professional construction company to be headed up by a qualified builder and project manager. Together, Mark and Adam formed the company Pivotal Constructions.

Based in North Sydney and primarily building in NSW, the business has expanded its portfolio and is now also building in Victoria. Pivotal Constructions is also moving towards becoming your one stop shop and teaming up with Architects to work with you, in your next project to include the Design phase also.

A crucial factor was also the development of a new Database which combined Pivotal, Architects, the Construction company and their Sub contractors. One of Pivoitals pain, was that to make a change in a design required notification of approximately a dozen people. They needed an online management system that would inform everyone concerned the instant a change was made. This I can say we implemented faultlessly.

In consultation with architects, our goal is to provide the highest quality products and services while maintaining set budgets and ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly worksite at all times.

Pivotal Constructions, being members of the Master Builders Association of New South Wales, strive to satisfy both the client and the architect involved on each project, no matter the size or type of project, to excel standards set by the Building Code of Australia. Visit them at www.pivotalconstructions.com.au

Below we have the percentage score set out by Mark Gason regarding our performance in 6 key areas.

Pivotal Construction
94%Overall Score

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