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Among the many web projects for which we have been commissioned, was the website launching of Primaluna Restaurant, the newest addition of elegant Italian restaurants in Randwick. Owned by proprietors Gary and Marco, this gorgeous restaurant has 150 seats nestled in a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and well-appointed indoor furnishings. True to its Italian undertones, the restaurant is set to offer great and succulent Italian cuisine for its new-found clients. Under a cozy atmosphere, clients will come to taste the restaurant’s array of finest food made especially tasty by the expert hands of the chef.

Dotnet’s engagement of the web design task with the Italian restaurant is a promising one. With its tested know-how in the field of web promotion, the restaurant’s online presence will be enhanced and maximized to meet its goals and objectives.

It is a common knowledge that web presence is a great tool to let people know that you exist and that your products and services are way past the others. Great online marketing tools when used improperly will not achieve what it’s supposed to gain. This is the reason why when it comes to web promotion, services of industry-tested web designers are must-haves.

Toward this end, the launching of the new website will serve as the restaurant’s springboard to greater business success. As a matter of course, it can be a way, too, of expanding the business and gaining a wide base of followers.

We implemented a few basic principles after deep consultation with Gary on what he thought a restaurant would need in the online space. These points were. Visit their website at www.primaluna.com.au

  1. Great Design – The site needed to look professional.
  2. Takeaway – It needed to have a selling proposition.
  3. Updatability – A place where the owners could update the site themselves
  4. Work flow – All menu pages needed to feed through to ordering pages

Below we have the percentage score set out by Gary Di Paola regarding our performance in 6 key areas.

Primaluna Italian Restaurant
93%Overall Score

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