” Bring more people to our club”

After meeting with West Savery and the committee at the Wollstonecraft Bowls Club in Sydney. They were particularly interested in the fact that we were able to package their needs for expanding the club, into 1 complete design overhaul.

Their current site was absolutely non compliant in any shape regarding GOOGLE adwords or Keywords. This we needed to address. Even though they were a great club with great facilities, people didn’t know they even existed and would drive past to go to smaller clubs, further away.

These were the most important points covered in our meeting.

  1. They had an outdated design that needed to be overhauled.
  2. People had no way of finding them easily and would just drive past.
  3. The were non compliant to GOOGLE and their search engines.
  4. They had no way of updating their site easily
  5. There was a calling, for a new membership area.

So, along with the standard Webdesign and SEO, Wollstonecraft Bowls Club also needed a Marketing package to really get their club established amongst the local community. We have hopefully successfully achieved these goals and continue to update and keep in touch with new advances for the club to further membership and marketing.

Check out their site at www.wollstonecraftclub.com.au

Below we have the percentage score set out by West Savery regarding our performance in 6 key areas.

Wollstonecraft Club
89%Overall Score

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